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Bringing together professional caregivers and senior residents for the care that you need.


At MIMAK Care, we believe in providing the best care for our seniors through our highly skilled employees be it over the phone, or right at your bedside.  We aim to be at the forefront of the health care staffing industry.


MIMAK Care offers you a broad range of nursing and personal care services across all health care and retirement facilities in Canada.
We have a team of bilingual, diversified, experienced, trained, and specialized health care providers capable of working in diverse clinical fields such as retirement homes, Long-term Homes, Hospitals, Home Care, and Senior Communities. 


MIMAK Care also provides entertainment programs for Seniors ranging from Games, Networking, Artwork, Coaching, and Meditation. Mimak Care believes in touching the lives of seniors and making and a big difference by providing them with the best care. 


At MIMAK Care, we take pride in working with seniors and helping them live a good quality of life because they have worked hard for the future we are currently enjoying. We value the diverse needs of our community by acting on our clients' feedback through regular staffing performance evaluations.

We aim to touch the lives of millions of Canadians by helping make a difference with quality care. 

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